Acculogic Inc.

Acculogic, founded in 1992, is a world class designer and manufacturer of processes and instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and systems.

Acculogic had made successful SR&ED claims on their own for many years. They chose to engage Perly for two reasons. The first was to manage the process of gathering the right information, presenting it in the most favourable light, and making sure the job was completed on time. Secondly,they wanted to develop a well thought out strategy - not only for the present, but for future claims. The challenge with a firm that has very intensive engineering like Acculogic is that a successful claim requires a lot of time and energy from the people who have the least amount of time to spare, namely the heads of each department. It also requires a lot of experience in determining what types of activities qualify, as well as how to properly document them. Switching hats during their normal 80 hour work weeks does not typically lead to timely or strong applications. Our people have gotten so close to the subject matter at hand that Acculogic now uses Perly writers to document and prepare other unrelated sales and marketing materials.

A good Electrical Engineering claim is comprised of:

  • A thorough understanding of the 'big picture' of the technologies involved, and how the work is done on site.
  • Comprehensive project management to drive the process to completion, in the face of innumerable competing priorities.
  • Proper documentation of activities performed, as well as time allocations.