BubbleShare Inc.

Albert Lai, founder and former CEO of BubbleShare and Kontagent, is a serial entrepreneur.

Since his teens, Lai has been responsible for creating, advising and supporting over 10 technology products and companies, including his own MyDesktop Network and BuyBuddy. After successfully founding and developing BubbleShare, a Toronto-based photo sharing site, Lai has moved on to challenge his creative genius again—with Kontagent (http://www.kontagent.com/). Lai has been featured on the cover of Canadian Business,
the most circulated paid business publication in Canada.

Albert shares his time between Silicon Valley and Toronto, always working on his next big thing. As an entrepreneur, Albert has little time or patience for the details of the government money side of the business. We took over these duties and made it easy for him to focus on developing the technology. We also consult with him on an ongoing basis on any of his tech ideas, giving our two cents on how best to position his ventures for the maximum amount of support.