powerhouse controls

Powerhouse Controls is an automation and drives control integration company that provides state-of-the-art, cost effective solutions to the industrial marketplace. Several years before we worked with them, they had their outside major accounting firm investigate the possibility of claiming SR&ED tax credits. This process included a pre-review by CRA auditors, as well as an investigation by their accounting firm's staff. This process turned out to be fruitless and did not result in any credits being granted. We met Neil socially several years after this and convinced him to let us take a second look. Since that time we have made three more successful claims, totaling a significant amount of support for Powerhouse.

A good claim for an engineering company includes several factors;

  • having a deep understanding of the technologies used, as well as how they
    were implemented.
  • understanding exactly where the innovation lies in factory floor applications.
  • minimizing key engineer time in helping us build their case.
  • keeping the level of detail rich enough to deliver the content, but not be too jargon heavy.