"We obtain government money for technology,
digital media and manufacturing companies."

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Profit Magazine
In 25 years of serving Canada's entrepreneurial business community, PROFIT has earned a position of prominence with growth companies, the entrepreneurs who run them and the businesses eager to serve them. Through its range of products and services, PROFIT delivers practical growth strategies, case studies and access to peer groups that help entrepreneurial companies get bigger and better… fast.

Red Canary

Red Canary is a top online publication that connects Canadian software professionals to what matters to them: intriguing companies, big ideas, the leading lights of their industry and the means to accelerate their careers.

Our Expertise

What makes the Perly Consulting Group the best?
  • Business acumen that guides us to a deep understanding of your business- fast.
  • Registration under the Federal Government Lobbyist Registration Act. This certification allows us to represent you and your interests to all levels of government.
  • Valuable government contacts. We are attuned to the constantly changing landscape of government money and can quickly bring new programs to the attention of our clients.
  • Our internal technology experts run the gamut from software architects to electrical
    and chemical engineers.
  • Our outside partners include senior accountants, as well as tax and corporate lawyers.
    We have access to their deep benches and we leverage these services as part of
    our client offerings.
  • We have offices across Ontario, and have many clients across Canada, including several in British Columbia.